Write For Me

Write For Me

Howdy Inspired One! It’s great to know you’ve got the desire to write a guest post for me.

I feel honoured!

Writing posts for InspireCrib is easy and promises to be fun for you if you stick to some rules.

I know, I know. You dislike rules, me too! But imagine a world without them…


So, to nurture and materialize your desire to pen down your amazing thoughts and type away at your keyboard, here are some rules (guidelines) you should stick to:

  1. Your post must show a considerable connection to any of the following categories: Essay Contests, How-to-write-well tips and WordPress blogging prompts.

NB: Click on the links in the navigation menu to access my published blogposts and have a feel of what I mean.

  1. Ensure your intending post is at least 750 words long. This ensures that your articles are detailed and helpful to InspireCrib readers.
  2. Pick topics that readers can relate to. Also craft your main heading well to attract readers. Use subheadings within the body of the article as well.
  3. Let your article be less rigid. Try to be free with your expressions but no vulgar words.
  4. Avoid plagiarism.
  5. Send your new article to michael@inspirecrib.com
  6. The submission of your article does not guarantee that it will be posted.
  7. When your article gets posted, remember to share the link with friends and respond to readers’ comments – it’s a polite thing to do.

Easy right?

Now, I’ve given you a heads up.

Go ahead and pen down those ideas of yours and send them to me.