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Why you should move from Blogger to WordPress

“What platform should I blog on, Blogger or WordPress?”

This is a common question every “want-to-be” blogger would definitely ask.

And it is the most vital decision you’d have to make before venturing into the blogosphere. At this stage, the mistakes are made and the paths to success in blogging are cleared.

The two most popular blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress. Each enjoys its own share of pros and bemoans its own cons.

The essence of this article is to help you make the “right” decision if you’re considering being a blogger. I’ll let you in on my own experience with the two and why I finally settled for WordPress. You’d find the points helpful and it will also provide you with a wider view to aid you in your decision making.

What is Blogger and What is WordPress?

You can easily read and understand fully what Blogger is here. Similarly, you can find out all you need to know about WordPress here.

Note: WordPress.com is different from WordPress.org … and you don’t want to get hooked up with the former (WordPress.com). Also, if you are an intending blogger without the necessary start-up capital you are free to start your blogging experience with blogger using a subdomain (blogspot). But afterwards, trust me, you’d want to switch to the greener part of blogging – WordPress.


Now to the reasons why you should move from blogger to WordPress if you’ve already found yourself in Blogger (either as a domain or subdomain owner)


Why you should move from Blogger to WordPress.

#1      Coding

I’m not such a huge fan of coding, especially not html and xml coding. If you share the same sentiment, then Blogger is not what you want. The tweaks required to make your blog’s appearance attractive is a burden you’d have to shoulder. This is because Blogger only gives you the leverage to tamper with the open source code of whatever Theme template you are using. While “…gives you leverage to tamper” may sound cool and probably good, it is undeniably the beginning of spending more time on tweaking your blog’s appearance than focusing on providing valuable content (blog posts) for your readers.

As a blogger, you’d want to maintain that identity – blogger, and not possibly battle with another identity – programmer.

If yoyou’re using blogger, this is what you”all be battling with:

blogger html

So if you really do not want to continue in this coding dilemma you should consider your next available option – WordPress.

#2     The ubiquity of WordPress Plugins

One unarguable feature of WordPress that makes it the darling of most bloggers is the availability of WordPress Plugins. Not only is it an alternative to the burdensome coding of Blogger, it is ubiquitous! By this I mean you can find a plugin for virtual anything you think your blog needs.

This alone makes your blogging fun and worthwhile. It helps you focus on developing content on your blog and an easy way to monitor your blog’s performance. Personally, this is what I consider as my first love for WordPress. Not only are they efficient, the plugins also provide update notifications. This means that whenever the plugin you’re using is improved upon, you get notified ASAP.

So, need any new feature on your blog? Think WordPress plugin!

#3     Outlook

The first way to keep a reader-audience is to beautify your blog. It is one thing to get a reader to your blog and another thing to get them to become constant readers of your blog. Asides, having a good content, you must certainly consider your blog’s outlook.

This is where WordPress has an edge over Blogger. You are at liberty to check out the truth of this yourself.  If you go through the stress of self-hosting your blog, then you’d want quality for your money. WordPress easily provides this for you with several free and premium Themes.

Personally, if I visit your blog and it’s not attractive to me, beat it. You’ve lost one potential reader. So, you must see the benefits of having a WordPress-powered blog. It gives you your money’s worth in terms of appearance.

#4     Majority speak: WordPress!


WordPress is the choice of many self-hosted bloggers. In this case, I bet you, you’d rather stick with the crowd.

If you started your blog as a subdomain blog on Blogger (that is, www.yourblog.blogspot.com) and now wish to self-host your blog, your best call is WordPress. That is where the fun is; why not join the party?

What this means is that you’ll have a large coverage of user-experience in case of any difficulty. All you need do is to pay the WordPress Forum a visit. Or even easier, say hi to Google.  You’ll in most cases find others who have experienced the difficulty you may be experiencing and the responses provided are sure to help you out.

#5     Reward for Hardwork

When you’ve spent some considerable amount of time, energy and money making your blog look attractive, you deserve a little reward for yourself – at least, as a pat on the back.

How about getting that Google Adsense? I’m sure you’d want that!

It is easier to get it with a nicely developed (content and outlook) blog. When you get it … you can have a reason, asides providing value to you readers, to pick up your laptop and type, “Hello World!”

These are some reasons why you’d want to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress. My experience with Blogger prompted me to share this because I believe there are lots of other newbie bloggers who are experiencing the same.

Your question after reading this might be, “How do I move my blog from Blogger to WordPress?”

Well, worry no more. Just keep up with the “self-help” category of this blog and yours truly will soon update the process you can take to effectively move your blog from Blogger to WordPress; as I did mine. You won’t lose your blog ranking in search engines because you’d be able to redirect visitors to your new WordPress blog. Also, you page and post links will be not be broken. But, here’s the catch – your page views will obviously not reflect since they are two different platforms. All the same it’s worth it, especially if you haven’t gone far using Blogger.

UPDATE: Read 10 Steps To Effectively Move Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress Without Losing Post, Comments And Page Rank

What are your experiences in using any of the two Blogging Platforms? Which do you prefer and recommend?

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