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Understanding The Foundational Steps Towards Choosing To Become Better

“The unexamined life is not worth living” ~ Socrates

You are an individual and you exist.

However, existing alone isn’t the ultimate goal of any individual.

What distinguishes you from the next individual is your personality. It is your personality that gives substance to your existence, such that you are not just existing but also living.

The human personality is shrouded in so much complexity – and that, makes it interesting. The core attribute of becoming better, either by an act of volition or by external compulsion, rests to a large extent on your ability to understand yourself.

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power” ~ Lao Tzu

Environment’s influence or attachment

A drunk must first come to terms with his excessive drinking habit before he can consciously choose to quit drinking to the point of becoming drunk.

It takes a zealous man to understand his zest and hence make an informed choice towards achieving his set goals.

In as much as there are varied factors that lay claim on personal development, it is pertinent to know and understand that the true knowledge of yourself is not so much as attached to your environment – home, work and place of worship. It may be influenced by these but it isn’t attached to them.

For instance, your financial state can be influenced by the prevailing nature of your environment’s financial background. That is to say, a person may be rich because their home environment is rich or poor because their home environment is poor.

However, even in your existing financial state, you can be devoid of any attachments – social, emotional and otherwise – to it.

A true manifestation of this is seen in a scenario where a poor person still possesses and radiates a life of happiness and mirth.

What this indicates is that even though your financial state has been influenced by your environment, your choice to become better (happy, positive, smart and grateful) has pruned you from being imprudently attached to your financial state.

Consequently, your understanding of the fundamental difference between influence and attachment serves as the foundational step towards choosing to become better.

Conviction and Emotions

Expectedly, in coming to terms with the nature of your choices, you are bound to come face-to-face with certain unpleasant deficiencies.

Not to worry because it is the intricacies of these deficiencies that will expose you to the varied underlying emotions that inspire the choices you make.

For the purpose of becoming better, you must transcend the level or realm of emotions into that of conviction – a realm of virtues and values.

Your choices must be based on convictions and not emotions.

At this stage, the requisite conviction that you must put on is the conviction of acceptance – accepting the need to be better (happy, positive, smart and grateful)

“Every day I become a better person. Not for anyone, but for myself.”

Paradigm Shift: making the quantum leap

Again, the stage of conviction is only but a step to another level. This level demands proactiveness and pragmatism.

Here now, you must put your conviction to test. You must make a paradigm shift. A transition from where you are to where you ought to be. The need for a paradigm shift is imbued with the sincerity to do something differently and better.

Possible choices you can make to become Better

  • Start a blog or personal website: There are a thousand and one reasons on the internet explaining why you need to start a blog. I will give you a heads start with two I consider compelling enough.
    1. Starting a blog or personal website of your own is a public testament of your commitment the conscious choice you’ve made to become better. Go ahead and add value to lives through your blog; who knows, your creativity may just be the key to unlock another person’s destiny. Drop your comment in the comment section if you need my help with this.
    2. It gives you a platform – your own platform – on which you can ride to fulfillment. Think of many individuals, who are contributing to global issues, there’s one thing the share in common: they all have platforms. An example is Jon Morrow, who cannot move any other part of his body from his neck downwards. Yet he’s impacting lives through his blog. Social media such as facebook and twitter are not your platform, create yours now!
  • Read books: I can’t possibly overemphasize this. Search for quality books that add to your life and can help you sustain your choice to be better. Don’t shy away because of the money you’ll spend, the cumulative effect of sound and value-laden books on your life will make the costs less significant.

Two books I recommend you buy and digest are:

  1. The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People By Stephen R. Covey: Though Stephen’s dead, his books – especially this one – have continued to impact lives towards better changes. If you wish to belong to this category of Effective people, get Stephen’s book here.
  2. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle: Many keep themselves locked in by the regrets of yesterday and the worries about tomorrow. In his book, Tolle shares a compelling guide towards discovering the power of now and why you should focus only on the Now. Get Tolle’s book here.
  3. Conquering Your Illusions By Michael Uzor: Learn how you can escape the illusory webs of fear, failure and many more in my eBook. I offer it to you absolutely free of charge.
  • Share happy moments: Happy moments don’t come by easily, so when they do, you should share them. How about finding these happy moments yourself? Sounds nice, right? Pictures are worth a thousand words. You can always liven up your mind and receive inspiration to continue on your journey to become better by taking a look at some wonderful pictures. See my recommend Picture service website and outlined steps on how you can benefit from the online-bank of images.

“Surround yourself with things you love. Discard the rest.”

Rallying Point: There are a lot of choices you can make to become better and then consequently aim at becoming the best. Start with a step and walk up the ladder. Believe in your ability to become better and you will be better off.

Tell me: What choices have you made towards becoming better? Did they benefit you? Share your comment and you might just be encouraging someone out there.



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