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The Narrow Path of Hard Work

Narrow path of hardwork

Can one travel back in time to start afresh?

But what start could be so afresh than the startling start of a starter’s start?

The mystery of a start is the greatest of all


I would do says a baffling mind

I would say, says a lazy tongue

But do we see by acting blind?

Can we be right by acting wrong?


The poet creates words bringing life

The artist paints pictures describing it

But to what do lazy hands dive?

I think they exist just to end in pits


Great men sing songs of action

They don’t wait for the iron to be hot

They plan with great deliberation

Then proceed with a plan already thought


Riches abound where words are less

Not to the strong neither the brilliant

It gently sips to the hands readily stretched

From a gentle mind, green and succulent


But we wait and think it falls from heaven

Never preparing yourself for the morrow

We wait to see how our wealth will be given

Hard work seems to be the road so narrow.


Working hard isn’t cool

But staying broke seems hot

Let me sleep I’ll do tomorrow says a fool

But wakes to see an empty pot


We were born for a particular purpose

To overcome our fears and fly high

Laziness and worry we welcome unopposed

When the head is off can one cry?

Contributor: Ekpegbue Stanley.

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