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The Beauty of Finishing Strong

Starting a task is not the toughest part of the task, finishing it is.

It is in the middle of performing a task that you may awaken to the realization that there is more to what you initially thought the task was all about. At this point the work becomes demanding and your mind becomes assailed with varied questions of why you are even carrying out such task.

Maybe you had enough motivation and support before you commenced, but as you tarried on the motivation gradually sipped away and the support metamorphosed to voices that compel you to quit. The intensity of these voices transcends your mind hitting the core of your conviction.

You become frantic and every step you take appears like double steps backwards. You begin to search for support; they say it helps, you convince yourself. However, when you peep into the successful life of others that were intended to serve as support, comfort and helping-hand, what you are accosted with intimidates you into further pain and distrust in yourself and your abilities.

Then you may become frustrated, cry within your hiding place and wish you had never existed. Besides, you say, “Nothing you do seems to work!” Your mantra changes: you no longer say “I can do it;” you mumble the lines “I tried.”

The truth is, you have every reason to be sad. Yes, you do. Don’t believe anyone who says you shouldn’t be sad. It is your feeling, own it.

But here lies the question, “After sadness, what next?”

Every person is made to be dynamic and that is what you should do in every situation. Keep moving…

Finishing Strong

As beautiful as it is to commence a task, it is more beautiful to finish strong in the task. The difficulties you face midway are only the exercises you need to help you build your strong YOU (every strong athlete works out). If you then run away scared from carrying out these exercises, it becomes incredulous when you tell people you’ve finished strong; this is because there won’t be any evidence to prove that.

In handling these transitory periods of task-handling, you have to understand that if people do not understand you, that’s alright; besides the only person you need to understand you is probably smiling gently at you and whispering gently, “I am with you.” Though to you His voice may appear taciturn, He sure is speaking to you.

Turn low the noise around you – the voices compelling you to quit and withdraw within to hear that comforting voice urging you on. Then, begin where you left off knowing that you still have the power of choice – the choice to be happy after being sad. They say, “After the rain comes the sunshine!”…and how true this is!

Finishing strong and happy picture
Stay happy and finish strong

Continue that task and fight the good fight. When you’ve hit the finish line, you’ll behold the glorious beauty of finishing strong! That beauty, indeed, makes your struggle worth it.

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