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Oh! Talents of Africa, beautiful talents of Africa. We are the stars in this dark sky of ours, but, why do we remain in thirst while we swim across this wide ocean of opportunities? We sit in a goldmine but yet wrestle over pebbles and stones. The sun of knowledge above us so bright and golden but we have refused to let it rain out the clouds of ignorance hovering above our heads.

But I am Black we seem to say. Yes! Of course we are blacks, our body speaks of fertility embodying a mind so rich and productive where every seed of ideas sown is grown into a tree of success. But, lately we have failed to till this soil with discipline and diligence. “Life is not fair!” we always say. True! Life is an African, look at it so dark and lovely and in it we should live up our dreams and faithfully pursue our goals.

Talents of Africa, we have been quiet for so long! We have sat calm so strong. How long will our voices be stifled by the constraints posed by our predicaments? How long will we walk in this path of inferiority and be reminded that being black is less and to it is attached no amount of perfection? How long will we allow our stories to be told by those who don’t even know our experience?

Our mentality has made us believe we are not the best, our struggles has made us agree we are just like the rest, our tribulation has made us so weak we can’t beat our chest. Oh Africans! We have this golden egg we seem to keep and nurture in our nest, there is this passion we are keen to pursue with zest, but we are still here held back by fear!

Talents of Africa arise for our time has come. To all my poets and spoken word artists, stand out and speak out and let the foundations of the earth quiver to the vibrations of your inflection. To all my writers, I pray the veins in your hands be unrest until the messages deep rooted in your black blood be transmitted in words. “But I am black” you say. Mind you, the pages are white so that we can finely impress the stories of our dark skin on the books of time.

To all my learners, let the flames of your curiosity never get cold but may the thirst for knowledge wake you each morning. To all my dreamers do not be disturbed by the so called reality, but be inspired for the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!

Talents should be the currency where all our worth and class is measured. The more we have, the richer we are!

Arise Oh Africans, Our Time Is Now!!!

Contributor: Ekpegbue Stanley.

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