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It’s great to know you have the desire to share your writings with our online audience. Submission of Creative Writings on Inspire Crib is easy and promises to be fun, if you stick to some rules.

We know. You dislike rules, we also do! But imagine a world without them…

Chaos, yeah?

So, here are some rules (guidelines) you should stick to:

  1. Your submission must show a considerable connection to any of the following Creative Writing categories: Fiction, Non-fiction or Poetry.
  2. Ensure your submission is at least 500 words long, for Fiction and Non-fiction. There’s no word limit for Poetry.
  3. Entries in Fiction and Non-fiction can take the form of series. You’re encouraged to complete the series once started.
  4. Let your submission be less rigid. Try to be free with your expressions but no vulgar words.
  5. Avoid plagiarism.
  6. Send your submission as a PDF or docx document to team@inspirecrib.com. Also include a short bio of yourself and attach your picture.
  7. The submission of your write-up does not guarantee it will be published on Inspire Crib. It is subject to our review and acceptance before we can publish it. Submissions with poor punctuation, poor grammar and poor use of tense may be rejected.
  8. When your article gets published, remember to share the link with friends and respond to readers’ comments – it’s a polite thing to do.
  9. If your write-up gets published on another platform other than Inspire Crib, endeavour to inform us.
  10. You retain the full copyright to your work, though we require you credit Inspire Crib as the original publisher of the work.

Easy right? That’s enough heads up.

Now, go ahead, pen down your stories and share with the world. The world hungers for them!