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Setup Your Blog Using Siteground Web Host

Siteground has carved a name for itself in the web host community.

I love siteground for its efficient 24/7 LIVE CHAT customer service and of course, it’s topnotch web host service. Siteground is dedicated to WordPress software installations.

Web hosting fee currently ranges from N10,000 to N20,000. This is a 60% discount currently being offered by Siteground.

Steps to register:

  1. Go to Siteground’s website. Click on Web Hosting

web host

  1. Choose a hosting plan by clicking “Get Started” on your preferred plan.

Hosting offers

#StartUp: The StartUp Plan gives you all the essential hosting features you need to accommodate a “just getting started” website or an existing average-size blog, personal, or business website. This is best for beginners and you get to pay a discounted fee of N10000 ($47.70) for the first year.

#GrowBig: This plan is designed to accommodate either a single heavily-trafficked website or multiple average-size websites. This is best for fast growing websites and you get to pay N19500 ($95.40).

#GoGeek: If you have a really heavily-visited or resource-intensive website then the GoGeek plan is your best option. This is the best plan for web experts and you get to pay N36000 ($179.40).

  1. Type in your desired domain name. Example: www.inspirecribcom

Click “PROCEED”. This domain name is free unlike some other web hosts that sell domain names at about $15. This is my gift to you and I know you are smart enough to grab it – while offer lasts.

Enter domain name

Hint: Avoid using long words, hyphens and things that will make your domain name look amateur.

  1. Insert your:
  • contact details
  • password
  • Correct Mastercard information.

Note that the zip code for Nigeria is 110001.

contact info

password info

payment info

purchase info

If you observe properly, the price is $95.40 (19,500) which is higher than $47.40 (N10,000). This is due to the following additional services:

  • Domain Privacy
  • Premium Support
  • Basic Backup Service and
  • HackAlert Monitoring

This services where included by default. They are optional though but I really recommend them.

NB: You can uncheck them and the price will revert to $47.40 (N10,000). If you can afford some or all of them, then proceed and pay N19,500 ($95.40).

  1. Click “Submit Order”

submit order

Congratulations! You have successfully setup you own blog (website).

Check your e-mail to see your login username sent by Siteground.

You can contact Siteground’s efficient LIVE CHAT for step by step guide on the necessary things you need to do on your blog.

Also shoot me an e-mail at “michael@inspirecrib.com” to inform me of any difficulty or your success.

Remember this is a 60% discount on the actual price. Take advantage of it now. In this post I share my affiliate link and when you purchase, I get a little token to encourage the work I am doing. Thanks for being so caring.

P.S: The actual amount of purchase in Naira may differ as it is based on the current exchange rate of US Dollar to Naira.


Tell me: Was this article helpful? Will you setup your own blog? Kindly drop your comment in the comment box.


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