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My Worst Nightmare

It was a Monday, during the Christmas holiday. My younger sister was going to get a new “dolly”. She was excited and would not stop saying, “I’m going to get my dolly” in her sing-song voice which was tiring to the ears.

Before the car pulled over the driveway of the supermarket, she had already opened the car door. After about thirty minutes of searching, she finally picked a beautiful doll in a lovely red dress which came with its own hair comb. It had long, curly brown hair that brushed below its shoulders. You can only imagine how my sister was.

Three days later, everyone left for a birthday party that I was not interested in going. I was alone at home, well except for Mrs. Tinu, our elderly neighbour who was asked to keep an eye on me once every half hour. I began looking for something to do and that was when I remembered that my sister had not left with her “precious dolly”. So, I went to her room to get the doll. I wanted to really inspect it. I was bored.

I entered her room and immediately saw the doll on her bed. As I approached the bed, the doll blinked its heavily lashed eyes. I stopped in my tracks and rubbed my eyes very hard in case I was seeing things. I stared hard at the doll but it  was motionless. I heaved a sigh of relief and began approaching it again.

Getting to the bed, I picked the doll up. This time, it moved in my hands. I immediately dropped it. The doll began to glow, its eyes became red and I saw fangs in its mouth. I wanted to scream but it got caught up in my throat; I wanted to run, but I was rooted where I was. The doll began approaching me, calling my name.

I saw myself running out of the room and out of the house. It had become dark outside but I did not care, all I knew was that there was a horror doll in my house. I stopped to catch my breath. As I turned, there was the doll with a medium-sized knife in hand. It had been flying. It began to lower itself to the ground and slowly, it came towards me. It kept on repeating my name, “Anna! Anna!! Anna!!!”, its red eyes glowing. I was breathing hard. I prayed a silent prayer just as the doll came in front of me, with the same evil smile I have seen so many times in movies. The doll stopped moving, staring coldly at me and began bringing the knife down my head. I screamed.

“Anna. What is it. wake up.” It was my sister, Julia.

“Anna. Anna.”

I jerked up from the bed, panting seriously. I looked at my sister’s annoyed face.

“What are you doing with my dolly?” she asked.

That was when I realised that I was clenching the doll in both my hands. I threw the doll away.

“Hey! Don’t ruin my dolly,” Julia shrieked. She went away crying with the doll in her hands. I slumped back on the bed, let out a long sigh of relief and whispered, “Thank God it was only a dream.”



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