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Lessons About Life That Football Betting Taught Me And What You Can Learn


“Madam check this thing well na” I said with reddening eyes and hands-in-mouth like some baby watching his toy car about to fall into a pit.

“Oga! oya see am, this game cut you”  the attendant whispered obviously irritated.

“Wait ooo! You wan tell me sey out of 20 games wey I bet just because of one game u dey tell me sey my 5k don go?” I blurted out, not even minding her displeasure.

“Oga na your first time be this?” she asked not out of curiosity but definitely annoyance.

“How ein take concern you?”  I snapped back looking for an opportunity to vent my anger on her with injurious words.

“Okay oga no vex oo, but your money don go ooo” she giggled, obviously infuriating me the more.

“Tifs! Na tif all of una be… una no go see me here again!” I left in annoyance.

“Oga!, oga!” she called back . “you leave your phone oo” I went back in a hurry took the phone while muttering an inaudible thank you!

What even made me play this game sef? Upon all the warning and stories I’ve heard from people. I pinched myself hard as I imagined wonderful things I would have done with my innocent five thousand naira.

I lost my money but surely did not miss the lesson. The betting game is really an interesting one. It’s a gamble and as such highly probable. The game has odds and the odds value increases or decreases based on its possibility of occurrence, that is, the higher the possibility of occurrence, the lower the odds. This arrangement therefore makes the game more interesting; the more risk you take the more you would earn. That was my first lesson.

Life indeed is a game of risk but we always want to play safe with life and therefore we are left with little odds and consequently just little returns. Every day we indulge in activities in which we are sure of the outcome, like go to a safe work, watch movie, we just do random stuffs we think are not risky and what do we gain from life? Just little satisfaction. In this big game of life we should take big risks and be willing to pay the ultimate price, just like me. Even if we lose, we would definitely not miss a lesson.

The Idea of taking big risk isn’t about doing crazy things like jumping off the cliff to prove our love to our girl friend or shouting back at our boss in order to show you are the “man”. It’s the concept of doing those little things that tend to push us out of our comfort zone, like waking up daily by 3:30 am and running down the street or conveying your opinion to your boss about his dishonesty and pilfering habit maturely or writing ten pages of your book daily or maybe taking up a course to improve your culinary skills. A risk by this sense implies activities with high odds and the probability of we doing them is relatively slim.

Last week I met Tom, he is a chronic gambler and though he makes a lot of money in the game, he as well easily loses it back in the game. He had this philosophy that whatsoever money he has been losing in the game, he would definitely regain in one BIG WIN. The gamblers all believe in the big win theory and hitherto spend lot of money which they believe they will one day recover in this big win.

Though, this might sound bizarre, I urge you to see things from my point of view. I am not in any way encouraging betting or in any way asking you to indulge in it, I’m simply sharing a lesson I learnt. Life could actually pose us problems and we would want to go with the low-odd-options, maybe, lie one more hour in bed, keep away from exercising or just give up on that book you are writing or worst still just don’t do anything meaningful in life. We might take this road but definitely earn just little returns. To earn more we have to plan big, step in with faith and totally take the big risk, for only with big risks come bigger earnings.

“Ah ah! Oga you still come back?” she said with a smirk.

“Yes ooo! Madam ooo, abeg cash my 15k give me” I said grinning from ear to ear.

“Wuru wuru man, make I check am first” she said with a scorn on her face.

“Do shap shap abeg I no get time.” I echoed back while passing the little white slip to her for her verification.

“Big boy, you don chop us today ba,” she said slyly after confirming my payment, with the hope of getting some tips from me.

“Na una right to dey chop me every day abi?” I countered back not giving any room for jovialities. “Abeg madam count my money give me bifo market close I wan go buy foodstuffs for mumsi” I told her with a proud tone.

Oh yes! I played again and this time I won. Lesson number two, never give up. This is what keeps the tough gambler going! They never give up, they keep doing it, and they keep hitting the stone hard believing the next stroke will crack it up. We should never, never give up! Your winning moment might just be after that little try you have been postponing. Just hit it!

Honestly life is no place to play safe, down here you take big risk to win it big. Keep taking big risk your next step will lead to your BIG WIN.

Contributor: Ekpegbue Stanley.

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  1. Lovely lines Stanley. Thanks for sharing these awesome lessons with us. Here’s my take. I believe that the lessons you learned as a result of this football betting are life lessons and it can also be applied to other spheres of life. Thanks!

    Nice platform Michael!


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