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How To Setup A Blog In Less Than An Hour

[Update] I can offer you my professional web design service, if the steps below are tasking for you. All you need do is to drop a comment and your contact. I’ll get in touch with you.

Here’s a question I get asked very often:

“Michael, how do I set up a blog?”

Setting up a blog is very easy. However, you must have full commitment in order to complete this simple task.

I will show you the easy way to get this done and rest assured you don’t need any prior coding and web design knowledge – all you need is full commitment.

In this tutorial, you’ll be taking advantage of the experiences I’ve gained through trial and error; I wish I had someone to expose this secret to me when I ventured into blogging. It would have saved me lots of time, energy and money. I urge you to avail yourself this opportunity and set up your own blog.

At first, let me clear the ground: What you’ll be learning is not how to set up a second-rate blog (example,  second-rate.blogspot.com) but a first class blog (example, wow.com).

Using the service I recommend, you will receive this awesome gift:

  • A free domain name. (Domain names are worth $15, that is, N3150)

…And don’t worry; the method I’m revealing to you is very legal.

How many things have to happen to you before something occurs to you? ~ Robert Frost

You don’t need to walk through the same path of mistakes as I did, simply follow the secret I will reveal to you.

Why you should be a self-hosted blogger and avoid playing around with Blogspot or WordPress.com

I’ve earlier written an article on why you should use “self-hosted WordPress” and not “Blogger” as your blogging platform. I advice you read the article here.

All the same, I’ll quickly pinpoint certain things you need to take cognizance of about Blogspot and WordPress.com

  • Blogspot and WordPress.com are free blogging platforms.
  • They provide you with a sub-domain, such that your blog address would look like: example, second-rate.blogspot.com or second-rate.wordpress.com
  • Using any of them, you stand the risk of being deleted if Google or WordPress.com decide your blog has broken any of their policies.
  • WordPress.com is different from the self-hosted WordPress software.
  • You may find it difficult to place adverts on your blog or even engage in affiliate marketing.
  • You can’t use custom emails: example, admin@wow.com

Getting a self-hosted blog is like purchasing your own land. You take the necessary precautions to avoid stepping on landmines set by another land owner on his land where you are taking up tenancy.

With this you enjoy the liberty to cultivate productively and leverage your bountiful harvest. It’s a step worth taking.

A popular scenario of stepping on landmines happened to Linda Ikeji’s blog on October, 2014 when Google erased her blog for an alleged copyright offence and later pulled it back when the allegation was certified false. I believe you don’t want your blogging efforts to be a waste as this might also happen to you and at worst, yours might not be pulled back.

However, if you really think you want to try the waters of blogging before taking a dive, feel free to start with blogspot. I’ve provided steps to move your blogspot to a self-hosted wordpress blog in another article. I strongly advice you don’t go far into using blogspot before you consider moving over to a self-hosted wordpress blog. It makes your transfer process difficult when you later decide to switch to a self-hosted wordpress blog.

Requirements for setting up a Blog

Basically, you require just two things to set up your blog. They are:

  1. A domain name (this is your chosen name for your blog, example: wow.com) In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can get a free domain name.
  2. A hosting account (this is the service that enables your domain name to go LIVE on the world wide web.) In getting a hosting account, you need a Visa Card or MasterCard from any commercial bank, like UBA, Zenith, FirstBank etc. Note that you cannot use a Verve Card for this purchase.

Getting started…

Here is a Host Service Provider I recommend:

  1. Siteground

Siteground has carved a name for itself in the web host community.

I love siteground for its efficient 24/7 LIVE CHAT customer service and of course, their topnotch web host service. Siteground is dedicated to WordPress software installations.

Web hosting fee currently ranges from N10,000 to N20,000. This is a 60% discount currently being offered by Siteground. Take advantage of it now.

Click here for detailed illustrative guide to register with siteground.

NB: Owing to the dynamic nature of internet technology, I’ll be updating the information provided on this post, so as to meet current trends.

Problem after setting up your Blog? Here’s my gift to you!

A major problem encountered by newbies is the difficulty in getting started with designing their blog with the right theme and putting in place basic security settings. However, this won’t be a problem for you. This is because I will send to you basic SETUP updates.

Follow the following steps to get my SETUP updates:

  1. Setup your blog using the host service provider I recommend.
  2. Send me an e-mail at “michael@inspirecrib.com” with the following details:
  • domain name
  • your e-mail
  • phone number
  • registration date
  • name of host provider
  • a request to receive my SETUP updates
  1. After I ascertain that you did register through me, I’ll send basic SETUP updates to you over a 4-day period to enable you get started on your new blog.

Tell me: Did you find this blog post helpful? What decision are you making towards starting your own blog? Kindly drop your comment in the comment box.


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