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How To Create A 3D Book Cover In Less Than 5 Minutes

Writing a book can be fun; especially when it is your first book.

The excitement of having a book to your name and becoming a published author rises to the acme.

Imagine your book being placed side-by-side a best seller by James H. Chase, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, Stephen King… name them!

Obviously, it is an achievement that will reverberate over many years to come – one you’d call an “Over-Kill”

But hey!

Before you take a dive down that path of euphoria and excitement, let me ask you, “What does your book look like? Is the book cover design attractive enough to secure it a place next to best sellers?”

Even without reading your book to know if it is captivating, educative and insightful, people are most likely to commend your work just because the digital design of your book is breadth taking.

You have a high tendency of receiving such commendations when you have designed you book cover in 3D.

If you’re going to self-publish your book then you’d need to know how you can beautifully design your book cover and give it a 3D outlook.

Not only does it beautify your book, it showcases you as a professional writer! That alone will attract people to read book.

In this self-help tutorial, I’ll teach you how you can achieve a beautifully designed 3D book cover for your new book (or eBook).

Advice: If you’re reading this tutorial on a mobile phone device and you wish to implement it, I recommend you switch to a PC to get started.


STEP 1: Create a beautiful design of your book cover in any Photo Editor software – Photoshop, Corel Draw or Paint. I recommend Paint beacuse it is easy to use. Save this design in your PC.

HINT: You can get beautiful images for your cover page from Kozzi.

STEP 2: Obtain the blank 3D book template from HTMLGIANT. To download, just “right click” on the picture and select “save image as

Blank white book w/path

STEP 3: To merge your design with the 3D book template, go to Pixlr Online Editor.

STEP 4: Choose “Open Image from Computer

pixlr choose

STEP 5: Now select from your PC the blank 3D book template your downloaded from step 2.

STEP 6: From the menu tab, Click “Layer” and select “Open image as layer” from the dropdown list. Then, select your designed book cover saved in your PC in step 1.

layer image layer

STEP 7: From the menu tab, Click “Edit” and select “Free distort” from the dropdown list. Then drag the blue square boxes at the 4 edges of your book cover to the 4 edges of the 3D book template until it fits well.

edit  free distort

STEP 8: When you obtain the perfect look you want, click outside the book cover. A pop up box with the question “Do you want to apply the changes?” emerges. Answer “Yes” to the question.


STEP 9: Click “File” and select “Save”. Then, click “Okay”.

Congrats! You’ve successfully created a 3D book cover for your book.

Many self-publishers utilize this simple and easy method to produce a digital representation of their book.

I use this method because it is resourceful and stress-free.

Tell Me: What do you think about this method? Even if you’ve not written your book, you can practice this and share with me in the comments how easy it is. Just use any image of your choice.



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