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Discover Where And How To Get Quality Pictures For Your Blog Post and Wallpaper

It isn’t uncommon to get asked where and how to get quality pictures which can serve different purposes: pictures for blog posts, wallpapers for PC and smart phones, multimedia presentations, advertisements, flyers and book covers.

I have had my fair share of this kind of question and so decided to introduce the service I use to get pictures for my blog posts.

There’s no doubt that pictures convey a sort of appetite to readers to keep reading an article, a book or any type of write-up; magazines take good advantage of this. A popular saying has it that pictures are worth more than a thousand words, and this indeed is true.

If you want your posts to engage your reading audience and as such gain an increased sharing rate on social media platforms, adding pictures is a sure way to accomplish this. But remember, the pictures you add must be apt for your blog post otherwise you stand a risk of spoiling whatever good that may have come from adding pictures to your posts.

I searched and searched the internet till I found it

Given that I am aware of the benefits of using pictures in blog posts, I set out to find the best possible means of getting what I want – quality pictures at no risk of copyright infringements.

Most popular means of getting pictures that I have tried out include: Comflight, Flickr and of course Google.

These services are free but like most free things, they are assailed with what I consider landmines (and landmines can explode anytime, you know.) Remember Linda Ikeji’s blog and how it was taking down by Google in October 2014? That’s a quintessence of landmines. She was accused of copyright violation regarding the pictures she used in her posts.

There are so many other reasons why these services are not really reliable. Unless you really want to tag your pictures with source attributions, you should embrace this discovery of mine which I made  after so many searches on the world wide web.

Even if you want to tag the source attributions of your pictures, not all sources provide a clear-cut way of doing so, and so you waste a lot of time reading privacy and copyright policies.

I’ve been down there and I’ve found my way up. Now I want to show you just how you can enjoy this great picture service and get quality pictures for whatever use you may wish to put the pictures to.

I give you: Kozzi

Kozzi prides itself as a huge online database of quality pictures. It has several photo categories from which you can make your choice.

Where Kozzi stands out from other picture services is that you can download and use pictures from Kozzi without adding attribution tags to your blog posts that indicate photo source.

There’s also the freedom to download as much as 5 photos in a day. This is really good as this implies 150 pictures in a month!

The pictures you get on Kozzi are really High pixel pictures and you wouldn’t need to bother about the pictures getting blurred after applying zoom or enlargement.

Like all products, Kozzi has its own terms and conditions:

Kozzi offers you FREE pictures for a duration of 30 days after which you have the liberty to decide if you want to pay $4.95 every month.

Your satisfaction with the 30-day free pictures service will be the litmus test with which you can decide if $4.95 is worth paying for a continued experience with Kozzi pictures. Honestly, I think it’s a fair deal given that no other service SAVES you time, gives you QUALITY and allows you NO ATTRIBUTION TAGS.

So, you can choose to cancel your subscription after your 30 days trial or continue by paying $4.95 every subsequent month.

Getting started with Kozzi is very easy. I’ll show you…

Kozzi Registration

Kozzi Home

  • Click on “Register Now For Free”
  • Choose FREE 30-Day Trial by clicking “Start Free Trial”

kozzi choose plan


  • Enter your name, address and MasterCard or Visa details and click “Start Subscription”


NB: You cannot use Verve card for this process.

kozzi credit card

The next page you see indicates your free subscription is successful.

There are basically two reasons why Kozzi asks for your credit card information:

  1. To disallow fraudulent opening of multiple free trial accounts by one individual.
  1. To provide an easy way of continuing your subscription after 30 days, in case you enjoyed their service.

All done…

You can now start to enjoy the great picture experience Kozzi offers. Simply type the word that best describes the picture you want in the search box at the top of the page and click search.

picture kozzi search box

 Up to 26933 pictures were displayed when I searched for the term “Study”. That’s a whole lot to choose from.

 kozzi search result

The pictures displayed after your search will be watermarked with the term “Kozzi”, but not to worry. Go ahead and click on the picture that got your fancy and then click “download Image”

kozzi download

After your download, you won’t see the watermark. So, you can now you can now use the picture for your blog posts or wallpaper or any other thing you may wish to use it for.

NB: If you still wish to cancel your subscription after the 30-day free trial … keep reading. I’ll show you how.

  1. Login to your Kozzi account, click on the drop-down icon beside “My Kozzi” and select “My Plan”

 kozzi my kozzi

  1. Click “Cancel this subscription”. That’s all.

To avoid being charged $4.95, you must cancel your subscription within the first 30 days.

NB: If you have any issues or problem that requires their attention, feel free to contact Kozzi. The customer care is top-notch. Scroll down to the footer of the website and click “Contact us”. You can then send them an e-mail and they will respond in the shortest possible time.

kozzi contact us

There you have it. Kozzi is a great online picture store house that you can rely on for fast and quality pictures devoid of attribution tags. Enjoy a life of quality pictures.

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