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ABO Capital Essay Contest 2018

ABO Essay Contest 2018

Africa is a continent bursting with economic opportunities. Under the right circumstances, it could become a global leader across industries including technology, sustainability, and agriculture. Show us how you can change Africa to change the world.


Must be 18 years or older and currently enrolled in undergraduate, graduate or university program to enter.


ABO Capital


In 500 words or less, demonstrate your knowledge of Africa and explain your deep conceptual ideas for tapping into its economic potential and bettering the continent. These ideas could be your own or showcase your support of projects already in development.

Reward Proposed

  • The Grand Prize essay will win a scholarship for one full semester of college, up to $30,000.
  • The top three essays will win a 5-night all-expenses paid trip to Angola.


28th February, 2018

Rules for Application         

  • Participants can submit their essays to scholarship@abocapital.net
  • Please attach the essay as a word document. Include contact information, proof of enrolment, declared major, and age.

Further Enquiries

Visit website for more information.


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