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6 Activities That Can Effectively Improve Your Imagination

Close your eyes and picture yourself in a place. Begin now to fill the space before you with lushly green grasses, tall coconut trees, the sun filtering through the spaces in-between trees, the gentle breeze that enlivens your presence in that place, chirping of birds and the sounds of crickets.

How difficult was it for you to accomplish the simple task above?

That is the power of your imagination! It takes nothing and transforms it into something – not just something per se but something spectacular. Achieving your goals requires the ability to effectively utilize your  imagination. Imagination is the car that drives your goals to their destination. Why walk when you can take a ride? This exposes how important imagination is.

Achieving your goals can be overwhelming but the reality is: you can be anything you want to be; all it takes is an improved imagination and a committed personality. Don’t go around chasing only Knowledge; for that even is meaningless if you lack the ability to translate them into something spectacular – and that is where you imagination steps in.

Imagination is more important than knowledge – Albert Einstein

How do I improve my imagination?

In this post I’m going to share with you how.

6 activities that can effectively improve your imagination

  1. Read

What is the best way to fill up an empty well with water?

You guessed right, Pour in water. The same applies to improving your imagination. There’s the need to make available unto yourself materials and resources which will prove to be veritable tools with which your imagination can begin to take form. Become a voracious reader. This way you open up to your imagination gates to new possibilities. Your imagination remains confined to the amount of information you have at your disposal.

For instance: A goat can only eat grasses within the perimeter which
the rope tied to its neck allows it. Here, there are only two possibilities for the goat to access more grass: Either the length of the rope is increased or the goat is cut loose from the rope. Reading provides your imaginative power these same possibilities. Reading intensively can increase the length of the rope to which your imagination is tied and reading extensively can actually set you free from the impairment of the rope to access a whole new world of possibilities.

Now, grab that old magazine you overlooked and who knows where your imagination may meet inspiration.

  1. Listen

Listening is an art.

To effect your imaginative ability you need to pay attention to every detail. If you are engaged in a conversation with someone, always create the atmosphere within which you can listen attentively. Don’t rush the conversation with quick replies; not only does it mar the beauty of conversation – which shares an association with your imagination,– it impairs the ability of your imagination to grapple with important resource necessary for it to launch itself into creation of something new and spectacular.

If you’ve seen the movie gifted hands, you’d observe how listening to classics helped Dr. Carson perform surgical operations. The part of that beautiful movie that resonates with this article is the part where Dr. Carson listened to the drops of water falling slowly from the tap. His ability to listen provided a take-off point for his imagination and the consequence of that is the milestone breakthrough he recorded in the history of medicine.

You too can create your own breakthrough if only you can listen.

  1. Ask Questions

No man is an island.

Always be inquisitive. There’s more about life than what meets the eye. In sharing ideas and inquiring about the ideas of others,
your imagination would wonder on the amount of revelations it receives. If possible carry along a notebook. Form questions about things – different things – as they come, and write down the answers you receive.

Socrates was known to ask questions about things he even had answers to. It is a sure way to enable your imagination form pictures of different personalities and views. It also provides diverse angles from which a task can be approached.

Don’t be limited to your own viewpoint – broaden it and set your imagination on a voyage.

  1. Walk

As silly as this may sound, it works!

By walking I do not mean the necessary movement from one point to another. Rather here I am referring to a conscious casual strolling. Take out time to walk through your neighbourhood and you’d be amazed at features you never even knew existed in your neighbourhood. Then you’d wonder, “So there’s a laundry service in this area?”

Not only does walking reduce stress build-up in your body, it gives your eyes the opportunity to wander and explore. The eyes are the windows of imagination. When strolling, you don’t walk aimlessly, you actually look around and this is good for your imagination.

Why do you think many successful people take a walk?

  1. Write

Here I refrained from writing: Be practical. I thought it would be too general. So, write – that’s more specific.

After exposing your imagination to all the marvels of the world, why not allow it set to work and create its own marvel? Writing is a simple way to set about doing that task. When we write we find new expressions to explain ourselves. We experience the liberty with which we can easily define our identity, personality and views about anything. Think of your best novel, how on earth did the author come up with such thrilling and exciting story? That is, I tell you, the power of imagination.

Rather than allow a bewildering jumble of thoughts cooked up by your imagination to torture your head, create channels through which you can release these bundle of creativity. Be consistent in doing this and you’ll awaken to the realization that with each trial your imaginative prowess

  1. Focus on the Now

It is true your imagination will let you wander. That is why it is imagination.

However, you must learn to exercise control over your imagination. This not only helps you improve it, it also enables you derive peace from it. More often than not, the imagination you may find yourself delving into may be of some experiences in the past or some future expectations. But these are not really imaginations.
Focusing on the Now is what is important.

If you are in a room, focus on how the fan in the room rotates; the feel of the breeze; the warmth in the heat; the cracking sound of the door when someone walks in; that is, be present. This is the power inherent in imagination. Focusing on the now improves your imagination and helps you relate it to your present situation. Where these two meet – imagination and the Now, – creativity and originality are birthed.

Rallying Point

To improve your imagination is sure easy and fun. Just follow the steps aforementioned and relish each exploration. You can share this article with friends… Begin now to use your imagination!

What improvements have you experienced in your imaginative power? What activities do you think can help improve imagination?


  1. imagination can take us quite to places we might av neva tot of visiting. Its amazing….I agree with u..major scientific discovery was brought about by the power of imagination.

  2. Great article. Really enjoyed reading it. Your point on reading is quite apt. Lately I've been reading a lot and I believe it's given me a broad scope about life – and that aids imagination. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your good words Max,
      Reading is sure an effective way to improve one's imagination. Like you rightly pointed out: it broadens your scope about life. That way you can easily form images and thoughts about new things and imbue them with energy from your desire to actualize such imagination.


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