5 Simple Ways to Stay Determined and Achieve Your Goals

5 Simple Ways to Stay Determined and Achieve Your Goals


It’s common to encounter people who come up with excuses about why they are unable to achieve their goals.

Popular among these excuses is: “I lack the determination” or put another way, “I have lots of distractions”.

While these excuses may seem ‘okay’ they are not in any way plausible. Here’s why I said “they may seem ‘okay’” – it is because we are human and as such prone to distractions. However, identifying the fact that you are human shouldn’t erect a bed upon which you’d sleep on and bid your goals and aspirations farewell. Instead it should enable you lay a firm foundation upon which you’d erect walls of goals that prevent these distractions from getting at you.

From experience, I’ve discovered 5 simple ways to help you stay determined and consequently achieve your goals. The list isn’t exhaustive but consists of necessary tips to set you on the right journey towards achieving success.

  1. Set Your Goals

Imagine a game of football without a goal post. What impression does it create in you? A purposeless game? An uninteresting game? If so, then imagine that game of football as your life and the goal post as the goals you seek to achieve. This goes without saying that if you lead a live without goals, then you might as well be leading a purposeless and uninteresting life. The very thing that gets you going each day is the goals you’ve set for yourself. When you seem lost, your goals will be a lighted candle in the dark. Without these goals, you’d be like a buyer who walked into a mall without first having an intention of things to purchase. Everything in the mall would appeal to you and there you have it – you’ve become distracted.

  • Action: What goals do you wish to accomplish? Are they short-term goals or long-term goals? Grab a pen and paper and write down these goals. Make it a routine to go through them say three times per week. You can as well have goals for a particular day; write them down and revise them at strategic periods of the day.
  1. Joy of Accomplishment

Having your goals on paper would amount to nothing if you do not have a driving force. Can a car move without petrol? Your guess is as good as mine – NO! You will indeed receive a great determination to work towards achieving your goals when you place the joy of accomplishment right next to you. Let that joy be a constant reminder of why you have to undergo some sacrifices or mortifications in order to lay hold on your success. Jesus considered the Joy before him and so was able to endure the pains of crucifixion. You too must consider: the joy of graduating with a first class or second class upper; the joy of making your first legitimate money online; the joy of being able to offer assistance to another; the joy of adding value to lives and so on. That joy will be the match stick that lights your candle.

  • Action: Begin to focus more on the joy of tomorrow’s accomplishment than on the sorrows of today’s punishment.Stay determined
  1. Positive Outlook

Working towards achieving your goals does not mean that you would not face some “down times”. You must be well prepared for these periods of time when they come. The best way to surmount these challenges and thus prevent them from becoming distractions is by having a positive outlook at life. This has a lot to do with your mindset. Learn to see the good in every difficult situation, maximize that good and use it to your advantage.

  • Action: How many times have you tried and didn’t succeed? Don’t give up yet if your cause is worthwhile. You must pickup from where you stopped and take along with you lessons you’ve learnt. Failure is a valuable feedback, use it wisely.
  1. Environment: Your environment to a large extent determines your mindset. It is a function of the Law of Association. People who often share same sentiments and views associate together. Sometimes, the choice to choose our environment may not be at our disposal. However, you can effectively createan environment that best suits the goals which you seek.
  • Action: What are the things that constitute your environment – people, music, books, softwares, mobile apps, movies, etc? Begin now to get rid of all that does not share affinity with your goals. This might seem tough at first but it gets easy along the way; and it’s definitely worth it.
  1. Be Prepared

Opportunity, they say, comes once. Did I hear you say “How true is that?” Well, the truth of this statement still depends greatly on you. Here is a secret: People prove this statement to be true if they are not prepared when opportunity beckons. Staying determined requires you to equip yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge that will prove handy when an opportunity to achieve your goal finally comes. Ella had goals of becoming a ballerina. She kept practicing and watched lots of ballet dancers. It so happened that a friend of her late father noticed her on one of his visits and offered to sponsor her in an upcoming ballet competition. Long story short – Ella won that competition. Notice one thing; she was prepared when the opportunity came.

  • Action: Equip yourself with all the requisite skills and knowledge. That way, you are constantly working towards achieving your goal with each skill and knowledge you acquire.

Start now to focus on your goals, stay determined and your goals are as good as accomplished.

What ways have you devised to help you stay determined an consequently achieve your goals?

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