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2015 My Writing Journey International Short Story Competition


We are an online writing school with three country-specific branches offering over 30 specialist online writing courses run by multi-award-winning authors, journalists, scriptwriters, poets and copywriters. From journalism to creative writing courses to writing for the web, our courses offer one-to-one tuition at an affordable cost. We long to see your entry.

We offer no-nonsense, practical, challenging training for writers who are serious about getting published. We use award-winning, professional writers as our tutors who provide expert feedback for every line you write.


The competition is open to any writer, anywhere.


The Writers College


Write us a 1000-word story about your journey as a writer. Make it funny, quirky and/or inspirational.

Reward Proposed

We will publish the best story in our quarterly newsletter and on our blog.

Also, the winner receives $200 (R1000 or £100).


September 30, 2015 (12 pm)

My Writing Journey Picture

Rules for Application

  • When submitting your story:
  • Use a font size 11 or 12
  • Use good-sized margins all around the text
  • 5 line spacing
  • Make sure your paragraphs are clearly separated, either using an open line between paragraphs (our preference), or indenting the first line using tab, and
  • Stick to the word count of 1000 words, give or take a few words.
  • We prefer receiving entries as Word or Wordpad documents.
  • Otherwise, copy and paste your text into the body of an email and submit your piece that way.
  • Send your story to nichola@nzwriterscollege.co.nz.


Further Enquiries

Forward all further inquiries and questions to nichola@nzwriterscollege.co.nz.



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